Yacht World Intro

This is the first in a series of videos that I will be doing on how to most effectively use the Internet when searching for boats for sale.

I have chosen Yacht World to start with because it is the largest Multiple Listing Service for boats for sale in the world.  Yacht World is often the starting point for many yacht brokers when we are searching for boats for our clients.  There are no For Sale by Owner listings on this Website.  Yacht Brokers subscribe to this service to advertise their clients boats for sale.

The features and functionality that are available on Yacht World for the boater who is searching for their next boat, a yacht charter, surveyor, financing, a yacht broker, and even tips on listing their boat for sale are substantial.  It is a great place to start any boat search from any place in the world for powerboats, sailboats, and even commercial vessels.

This first video is meant to help familiarize you with the functionality of the front page of the Website.  In the next video we will delve deeper into our boat search and learn how to get the fastest and most accurate search results.

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Hope to see you again soon!


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