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Rampage 34 Express with IPS pod drives

Rampage Yachts has introduced the world’s first production express sportfishing yacht with Volvo’s IPS pod drives and the new “Sportfishing Mode”.  The Sportfishing Mode allows you to spin the boat at full throttle, back down on a fish, and even follow the fish faster than the angler can reel it in to the boat.

“Some people still question the effectiveness of pod drives when compared to standard propulsion – and offshore anglers are notoriously change-averse.  But from my personal experience, after testing several boats with pod drives, these new propulsion systems represent the single-greatest revolution in boating since the chart plotter” says Dean Travis Clark of Marlin Magazine in the November 2008 issue.

“At  3,000 rpm, …we were able to point the boat like a ballet dancer on steroids“, says Peter A. Janssen of Motorboating Magazine in the January 2009 issue.

This is the latest and most significant new advance in sportfishing since Earnest Hemingway put a steering wheel on the top of his boat to make the first flybridge.

The Volvo IPS pod drives allow joy stick docking so simple that a child could put this boat into a tight slip.  And the fuel economy increases by an average of 30 to 50 percent at any speed.

There are even more notable improvements over a boat with standard drives.   You have a much tighter turning radius because you are using the pods to turn rather than the rudders and playing with the engine controls.  Time to plane is a lot quicker and bow rise has practically been eliminated. That is because the forward facing props are running parallel to the hull bottom rather than angling downward like props on traditional shafts.

When you think this through you realize that backing down on a fish is a very dry experience indeed because the transom does not have a need to dig in and down.  Again, the props are running parallel to the hull bottom.

There’s even more!  The engine exhaust is incorporated into the underwater pod drives.  The result is that there is no diesel smell whatsover even in a following sea and wind.  You have  a much quieter running boat.   With no long shafts running from the transmissions out the hull to the props there is no chance of vibration.

The Volvo IPS pod system has been installed on hundreds of other boats and proven itself over the last couple of years.  Most notable may be Lazzara Yachts new LSX Ninety Two with four Volvo IPS pod drives.  Rich Lazzara just published an excellent article on his blog extolling the virtues of IPS drives over conventional drives.

Call me if you have any questions or wish to try one of these remarkable boats on the open sea.  You can send me an email by clicking on the contact tab at the top, or call me at (954) 614-1663.


David Tomen CPYB