Preparing Your Boat For Sale

So now you have decided that it is time to sell your boat. You have done some research on the Websites that you clicked through to in the last blog. You have discovered that your beloved boat is not the only boat for sale. As I write this there are 120,569 boats for sale on Yacht World alone. Clearly you have some competition. If you want your boat sold first we have some work do.

With the universal acceptance of the Internet over the last few years, the Web is the first place most boat shoppers go to see what used boats are available, the new models that boat dealers have in stock, current asking prices, and other relevant information to help them make an intelligent boat buying decision. If they do not know how to access that information they ask one of their kids to do it for them.

By the time a client shows up at my office and tells me that they want to buy a boat they often know much more about a specific model than I do as a yacht broker and practically anyone else in the industry. They know what boats are available, what condition the boats are in, what current asking prices are, and what that specific boat model has sold for in the last six months. You have access to the same information and need to use that market intelligence to formulate your selling strategy.

In my next blog we will talk about pricing and begin getting your boat ready for sale. Have a terrific day on the water and I’ll see you next time after you have done your homework!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing Your Boat For Sale”

  1. I like to sell SY Reinke Super 10. l=10,60 m x 3,5 m
    depth = 1,25 m . The yacht is made from aluminium. Building year is 1995. I like to sell because of few use. Maybe you know somebody , who is interested.
    The price is about 35.000 €. The yacht is actually o.k. but needs maintenance. Homeport up to now is Rostock, Germany on baltic sea

    b.r. Udo Kersten

  2. Udo:

    Thanks for the message about your Reinke. Your best option is to contact a yacht broker in or near Rostock, Germany. See if you can get a recommendation from someone that you know and trust. You should get some inquiries if you keep your asking price competitive.

    Another option is to find an online boat marketing service such as that allows For Sale By Owner advertisements. For a small monthly fee you can list your boat for sale including some photographs.

    Good luck!


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