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Why the Best Boat Prices Will Soon Disappear

Soundings Trade Only published an article in June titled Signs of Improvement in Brokerage Sales.  The article was written by John Burnham of Yacht World.  John noted in that post that unit sales of boats were only down by 7 percent compared to May 2008.  That represented a substantial jump in sales compared to the previous month.

Courtesy Soundings Trade Only

Courtesy Soundings Trade Only

John also noted that the valuations of the boats were off by 40 percent.  That simply means that boat sales are picking up steam but prices are extremely low.  How long will these deeply discounted prices last?

In April I wrote a post entitled Why Now is the Right Time to Buy a Boat.  In that article I predicted what would happen.  That prediction is coming true as the summer progresses.  Bargain hunters are taking advantage of the discounted boat prices.  There is virtually no new supply coming into the marketplace from the builders or financially distressed boat owners.

Get Your Dream Boat Now

If you have been straddling the fence on buying your dream boat, it is time to make a decision.  You will miss the deeply discounted prices if you don’t make a move within the next few weeks.  Demand is clearly on a rapid rise and the supply is not keeping pace.  Don’t find yourself sitting at the yacht club bar a year from now crying that you should’ve bought that boat!

Have a great summer!

David Tomen

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About the Author: David has lived on or near the water all his life - in this dimension anyway. He lives in God's country (south Florida) with his wife and two kids, and a dog and a cat. He spends his days on the water or just a few steps away. His current claim to fame is Certified Professional Yacht Broker. You can contact David by leaving a comment on this Website, email to, or call him at (954) 614-1663. The door is always open and I'll leave the light on for you.

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  1. Dearl Miller says:

    Looking for the best price on my dream-boat! Ka-Ching

  2. Lisa Moore says:

    Hi, David. Ever since my first vacation in one of those gorgeous Mass. marinas, I’ve always been fascinated with life near the bay side. I’m currently talking to my family about finally getting about so that we can moor it on a marina for our vacation. Now I hope I can get a really good one at a friendly price.

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