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How to Convince Your Partner You NEED a Boat

I have added a new page to this website that I hope you will find useful.  The link at the top of this page is the Spousal Conversion Kit.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting a boat.  You can use a boat for fishing, crusing, racing, partying, entertaining, and even explore the world by water.  For me, a boat is therapy. 

On a boat it seems that I can leave all the pressures and often mind-numbing complications of everyday life behind.  It’s better than a dozen visits to a therapist.  It is like meditation in motion.

Boating together as a family leaves an indelible mark on the kids that they will fondly remember for the rest of their lives.  Spending time alone with your partner away from the distractions of the rest of the world can be more romantic than dinner at your favorite restaurant.  A day of fishing with your friends can be more fulfilling than any other social activity or team sport.

Check out the Spousal Conversion Kit.  The page is loaded with ideas and may even help you to acheive your dream of getting that boat.  It was put together by the good folk at Discover Boating and whose only desire is to share our passion with the boating lifestyle with you.  Enjoy!

 Hope to see you on the dock soon!

David Tomen CPYB

Yacht World Intro

This is the first in a series of videos that I will be doing on how to most effectively use the Internet when searching for boats for sale.

I have chosen Yacht World to start with because it is the largest Multiple Listing Service for boats for sale in the world.  Yacht World is often the starting point for many yacht brokers when we are searching for boats for our clients.  There are no For Sale by Owner listings on this Website.  Yacht Brokers subscribe to this service to advertise their clients boats for sale.

The features and functionality that are available on Yacht World for the boater who is searching for their next boat, a yacht charter, surveyor, financing, a yacht broker, and even tips on listing their boat for sale are substantial.  It is a great place to start any boat search from any place in the world for powerboats, sailboats, and even commercial vessels.

This first video is meant to help familiarize you with the functionality of the front page of the Website.  In the next video we will delve deeper into our boat search and learn how to get the fastest and most accurate search results.

To see more videos like this as I record them I encourage you to subscribe to my blog. You can do that by entering your email information in the fields below. I also encourage you to leave comments and let me know if there is more information that you would like to see that has not been covered in this or upcoming videos.

Hope to see you again soon!


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Don’t Miss the Boat

Why the Best Boat Prices Will Soon Disappear

Soundings Trade Only published an article in June titled Signs of Improvement in Brokerage Sales.  The article was written by John Burnham of Yacht World.  John noted in that post that unit sales of boats were only down by 7 percent compared to May 2008.  That represented a substantial jump in sales compared to the previous month.

Courtesy Soundings Trade Only
Courtesy Soundings Trade Only

John also noted that the valuations of the boats were off by 40 percent.  That simply means that boat sales are picking up steam but prices are extremely low.  How long will these deeply discounted prices last?

In April I wrote a post entitled Why Now is the Right Time to Buy a Boat.  In that article I predicted what would happen.  That prediction is coming true as the summer progresses.  Bargain hunters are taking advantage of the discounted boat prices.  There is virtually no new supply coming into the marketplace from the builders or financially distressed boat owners.

Get Your Dream Boat Now

If you have been straddling the fence on buying your dream boat, it is time to make a decision.  You will miss the deeply discounted prices if you don’t make a move within the next few weeks.  Demand is clearly on a rapid rise and the supply is not keeping pace.  Don’t find yourself sitting at the yacht club bar a year from now crying that you should’ve bought that boat!

Have a great summer!

David Tomen

Extended Marine Warranties

Save Your ButtBoat with an Extended Warranty

The summer boating season is swinging into high gear for boaters in the northern hemisphere.  There is nothing better than days spent on the water with our family and friends.  There is nothing worse than a major mechanical or electrical breakdown to put a damper on your high spirits.  Or your bank account.

Boat Repair Can be Expensive

It breaks my heart to hear someone at a boat show or on the dock utter these words, “The happiest days of my life were when I bought the boat, and when I sold it.”  That is usually followed by a nightmarish story of what went wrong.  And it typically involved things breaking down and an unexpected depletion of a bank account.  Save yourself the worry this summer. You can get extended warranties now on new as well as used boats, personal watercraft,  and many of the other systems onboard including your expensive electronics.

Here’s the deal:

•     New boat coverage up to 8 years
•     Pre-owned coverage up to 3 years
•     Pre-owned coverage available for vessels up to 10 years old
•     Coverage for yachts up to 80 feet and 2000 horsepower
•     Accessory coverage tailored to yachts, cruisers, fishing boats, sailboats, runabouts and ski boats, as well as coverage for all electronic gear
•     Transferable to a new owner helping to increase resale value
•     Claims paid directly to repair facilities
•     Honored at most factory authorized repair centers in the continental United Sates and Canada
•     Oldest and largest marine protection program
•     Backed by an A rated insurance company

Get More Info Here

This Extended Boat Warranty program is offered by Oasis Yachts in cooperation with Secured Marine Trust.  This program came out of a collaboration with Yacht World/, marine banker Sterling & Associates, and Secured Marine Trust, LLC.

Clicking here will take you to a simple form that you fill out and submit for more information or a quote.

Have a great summer!

David Tomen