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David Tomen CPYB
David Tomen CPYB

Welcome to Oasis Yachts!  You arrived here because you love boats and being on the water.  This is an Oasis where you can relax in a comfortable chair and get some answers.  If you live somewhere other than the United States and have heard about the great bargains available for boat buyers in America- stick around.  If you are an American boat owner looking to sell you boat and not having much luck in this soft market – you are in the right place.

My name is David Tomen.  I am a retired Certified Professional Yacht Broker living in South Florida.  While active in the yacht brokerage end of the lifestyle that we enjoy, I specialized in power and sailing yachts from 35′ to Megayachts.  I began my career early messing around with boats and playing and fishing on all the Great Lakes.  My professional career began in 1989 selling boats.  That led to a nine year hiatus in the Caribbean where I received my education in big boats.  My home in Antigua was the hub for the world’s Megayachts during the winter months in the northern hemisphere.  In 2001 I landed in the Yachting Capital of the World – Fort Lauderdale.

Writing about the knowledge that I gained as an “insider” in the recreational yachting world started with the site that you are on now. The articles that you’ll find as you explore let to a book called the “Used Boat Buying Guide“.  And on to other adventures in the Internet Marketing world.

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I am delighted that you came to the Oasis!  Take a look around and check back frequently for news you can use.  The door is always open and I welcome your input. While I’m not actively buying and selling boats …  I’m more that happy to put you in touch with a personal friend whom I trust deeply, and who can help you either find what you’re looking for – or sell the boat you have now.

You can send me email at or call me at (954) 667-7377.



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